Our Story

Josh and Meghan met while ministering in Costa Rica, and quickly became best friends. Not only did we both enjoy hiking and soccer, but God had been giving each of us a heart for the children of Latin America. We are so thankful that together we get to be a part of God's work in Costa Rica. For the past two years, we taught elementary grades at Sojourn Academy, a bilingual school for missionary kids and Costa Ricans. Now we are raising support so that we can transition into full time ministry serving the indigenous people in the mountains of Santa Maria. We can’t wait to meet our little boy, who is due this December.

Our work with
the Ngäbe people

Imagine picking coffee seven days a week in the hot sun with your entire family and still not making enough money to provide for them. Imagine having a fear-driven, animistic belief system, and while the New Testament has been translated into your language, you have never learned to read or write. This is the life that many indigenous people find themselves living.

To us, every person, every child has come to mean so much... hearts that desire love, souls that need Jesus. Each morning, we will be working and teaching at Faith Children's Home, an orphanage that brings in little ones who have been abused or are on the brink of starvation. Every evening, we will lead two feeding centers, called Kitchen of Love. We will provide hot meals, songs, a Bible lesson, and love to children and their families.

Faith Ministries

Ryan and Lauri Bickel have been ministering in Costa Rica since 2006, where they have recently planted a third church. They lead Bible studies, share the Gospel, and care for impoverished Ngäbe people, both physically and spiritually.

Faith Ministries is comprised of Faith Children's Home (orphanage), Kitchen of Love (feeding centers), and Refuge of Hope (women's refuge). They are like family to us, and it is a blessing to come alongside Faith Ministries.


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